Who are we?

We are a corporation formed by very able and professional lawyers, from the best law schools of the country and abroad, with specialization and post graduate studies in prestigious academic centers, whose experience has been strengthen by collaborating with important organizations, both public and private.

What do we offer?

The fact of counting with specialized personnel, give us the advantage of complementing in the best possible way our capabilities, by allowing us to evaluate problems from different areas and grasping, in a holistic way, the legal phenomenon in order to give global solutions.

We have the capability of offering an integral legal advise, with effective, efficient and creative answers.


What do we look for?

Satisfaction and quietness of our clients in such a way that they can completely dedicate their efforts to their daily activities, without having to waste their time and resources in affairs not related to their core of business.


What does distinguish us?

Four big qualities define our professional development and way of working: Responsibility, Creativity, Efficiency and Effectiveness; all ruled by moral values and ethics.


 Our infraestructure

Our offices are located in Miraflores district, close to the finance and entrepreneurial center of Lima city. We count with a solid infrastructure, which allow us to offer a vanguard advise.




Office Locations

Calle Enrique Caballero Orrego 325, Miraflores
Phone: +51 1 652-8240
Email: admin@estudiozevallos.pe

Lima, Perú

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