In this case, the advice is closely related to the entrepreneurial activity, emphasizing the preventive counsel, which is conformed by four big sectors:

Societies Sector

In this sector we deal, among other aspects, with:

  1. To propose the best structure regarding the core of business.
  2. To establish companies and/or branches.
  3. To secure that all formalities required by law are fulfilled.
  4. Shareholder agreements.

We offer the necessary advice to comply with the regulatory framework and investment security; likewise we offer due processes of acquisitions, mergers, corporate transformations and, in general terms, every project of company reorganization.

Bankruptcy Sector:

In this sector we deal with the advisory for either debtors or creditor in order to solve their problems related to payment suspension, by searching creative solutions within the framework of bankruptcy rules and regulations and in direct negotiation.

Contract-commercial Sector:

In this sector we participate as representative of our clients in negotiations with their counterparts. At the same time, we propose, structure, and draft agreements that best fit their needs.  In this sector, is of utmost importance our advice in negotiation and interpretation of contractual instruments to any activity of international trade.

Competence and Intellectual Property Sector:

In this case, our advise comprises the sponsorship in sues of disloyal trade, restrictive practice of free trade, and attempts against anti-monopoly regulations.  Likewise, we work for the protection of company trademarks, distinctive marks and their patents.