International Law and Global Transactions

EZC offers legal advice and coordinated by strategic relationships with commercial associations, sectoral partners and suppliers, and chambers of commerce, and representation in proceedings, judicial and regulatory institutions for clients from the Czech Republic, Peru, and in collaboration with partner legal Fima broader region of Latin America, the European Union and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

EZC provides a complete in-house legal services in cooperation with experienced external consultants also multi-disciplinary commercial consultancy in key areas of commercial services in Peru and Latin America, including marketing, accounting, market research and others according to the needs of corporate clients.

EZC also specializes in providing analytical outputs and report comparative law, including multi-lateral and bilateral international conventions, regional normative frameworks sectoral rules of international organizations, and national legal regimes, as well as periodic sectoral monitoring the legal, socio-economic and political Information in Peru and Latin America.

International Law:

EZC specializes in legal representation in court and arbitration tribunals, comprehensive advice on relationships with an international element, including the suitability of the selected law and damages.
• Recognition and enforcement of foreign courts
• Debt collection from international transactions
• Negotiating and drafting arbitration clauses and agreements
• The analysis and application of legal regulations for civil-law relations.

Global Transactions and Business:

EZC provides comprehensive advice in negotiations with partners and dodatavely cross-border markets, preparation of contract documents, payment instruments, a comprehensive multi-disciplinary consultancy in the field of international free trade agreements, investment and services, and provides legal representation in disputes and arbitrations with international element.
• Execution of general business conditions, including cross-border transport (CRM) and legal services including the Convention on the International Sale of Goods.
• Legal services in relation to payment instruments for international transactions, including collateral in the form of guarantees, letters of credit and loans in commercial banking institutions and export.
• Negotiating and drafting contracts full of the portfolio, including dealership, purchase, transportation and more.
• Legal analysis of the normative environment in the context of international free trade agreements within the World Trade Organisation (WTO), regional contexts of the European Union and Latin America and, and bilateral agreements.
• Comprehensive legal advice on the tools of regulation of trade, including customs regulations, quotas, dumping measures, safeguards, health standards, and any sanctioning regimes.

European Union:

EZC provides integrated management services including legal advice, business intelligence and monitoring, and in-house training for corporate experts, and especially for corporate clients in Peru and the Spanish and English speaking countries of Latin America in key areas - competition, financial services, consumer protection and regulatory rules in the field of health, the environment, and due diligence in the sectors of life sciences.
• Legal representation in proceedings before the judicial and regulatory institutions of the European Union.
• Legal advice to clients in the acquis communautaire - the rights of the European Union (EU) - including jurisprudence and decisions of the EU institutions.
• Regular monitoring of legal and business intelligence on regulatory changes, decisions and internal policies of the EU institutions, key corporate and financial reports from the business sector and the unions in Brussels.
• Consulting and brokering strategic relationships with corporations, trade associations and svazovými in Brussels and the Member States of the EU.